2023 has been a tough year for families across Australia. With the cost of living rising by nearly 10%, it has forced many to carefully assess their daily expenditures, whether it be for essentials like petrol, rent, or even basic necessities like food. 

According to research conducted by SecondBite*, nearly half (48%) of Aussies admit to cutting back on or skipping at least one meal a week due to economic and financial reasons, with people cutting back or skipping four meals a week on average. The charity found that 83% of those skipping meals were doing so to afford other important expenses, with 89% preferring to cut back on or skip a meal than not have a home to live in.  

Despite many families facing food insecurity, Australia also has a major food waste problem. OzHarvest reports that 7.6 million tonnes of food every year, which if rescued from going to landfill, would be enough to feed everyone in Australia for six months. 

When it comes to affordable and nutritious protein, many Australians turn to eggs during the tough times, as well as the good times. Versatile and convenient, they contain 13 essential vitamins and nutrients, making them a rich food source. Australian Eggs recently announced that the original superfood cracked a new milestone, with 18.9 million eggs being consumed by Aussies every day – more than ever before. We now eat on average 250 eggs per person per year – up from 150 eggs 20 years ago – equating to 6.9 billion eggs consumed this past year alone. 

To help support vulnerable Victorians during tough times, the ethical and sustainable egg producer, Josh’s Rainbow Eggs, is now donating 20c from his Giving 18 packs to SecondBite and OzHarvest. 

Brown chickens leave their coop and head out into a grassy paddock.

In addition to the thousands of eggs the farmer already donates to over 30 food charities and community groups every week, the 18-pack – which can be purchased at select Coles and Woolworths stores across Victoria – will provide up to 190,000 meals for families in need through SecondBite and OzHarvest. 

Josh’s Rainbow Eggs Founder, Josh Murray, started selling eggs from a flock of 40 hens in the Macedon Ranges at just nine years old when his parents suggested he should start funding his ever-growing love for Star Wars Lego. 

The eggs were an instant hit at local farmers’ markets, with the community expressing their fondness for his ambition, as well as the way he genuinely cared about his hens and the quality of his eggs. Fourteen years later, Josh’s eggs can now be found in hundreds of retailers, including Coles and Woolworths, across the state.   

Wanting to give back to the community and share his eggs with those who need them most, the family began to donate 4% of their production to big and small food charities in 2017, including OzHarvest and SecondBite. 

“Josh has been supporting OzHarvest in Victoria since 2013 (he was 13 years old!) and we’ve loved being part of his journey as Josh’s Rainbow Eggs had gone from strength to strength.  With the rising cost of living impacting so many families, food insecurity is at an all-time high. There has never been a more important time to support our cause and we’re so grateful to Josh’s Rainbow Eggs for helping to raise valuable funds to feed Victorians in need.” 

OzHarvest Victorian State Manager, Christine Crowley

As the business grew over the years, so too did the number of eggs they could give to families doing it tough. They have since donated 1.8 million of their delicious eggs to food charities.  

Through the support of families who buy Josh’s 18-pack each week, the new donation drive will raise funds for OzHarvest and SecondBite to provide 190,000 meals to Victorians in need.  

For those who purchase the pack from Woolworths, the 20c donation will go to OzHarvest, while at Coles, the 20c donation will go to SecondBite. Each retailer will pay half of the donation from the packs sold at their respective stores, with Josh paying the rest. 

“Sadly, one in three Australians is facing food insecurity – meaning they are skipping meals or going a day without eating to help make ends meet. To provide almost 50 million meals to hungry Australians each year we partner with like-minded organisations to realise our vision of ending waste and hunger.  Our partnership with Josh’s Rainbow Eggs will contribute to more families not having to make tough decisions and have to choose who in the family skips a meal or whether or not they use the heating or are able to pay the bills. Every pack sold will enable SecondBite to provide one meal to someone in need. We’re proud to partner with Josh’s Rainbow Eggs to make a meaningful difference in the lives of everyday Victorians.” 

Daniel Moorfield, CEO at SecondBite

To help provide over 190,000 meals to people in need via OzHarvest and SecondBite, purchase a specially marked Josh’s Rainbow Eggs 18 pack at participating Woolworths and Coles stores across Victoria from now until the end of 2024.

To find out more about Josh’s Rainbow Eggs, visit https://www.joshsrainboweggs.com.au/  

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