We love getting other mums involved. Want to review a park, write about your favourite local spot? Perhaps you’re a blogger or amateur writer and just want to see your clever work in print. We’d love to read your stuff.

Perhaps you interested in a few days work helping deliver MamaMag? With 40,000 mags to get out every issue, we need all hands on deck! Please contact us from the Contact page if you are interested in getting involved.


Submitting an article is a great way to gain exposure for your business in MamaMag. It’s allows you to share your expertise, get promoted or get published to our readership of over 100,000 mums. We are always on the hunt for new ideas to make MamaMag the best it can be for our readers and love supporting local businesses through editorial submissions.

We accept editorial submissions between 450 and 850 words. Submissions must be of a general nature on a subject you are expert in, not about your actual business. As we are a free magazine, we reply on businesses to pay for advertising to fund us. So unfortunately submissions about actual businesses or products WILL NOT be considered. But you’re an expert in what you do. Share your knowledge and we’ll give you and your business full credit at the end.

Submissions must be provided in Word format with the author, business name and web address credited at the end. Submissions are prioritised to advertisers and are chosen at the discretion of the editorial team. All submissions are proof read by our copy writer and may be subject to change at the judgement of the MamaMag team. Unfortunately no guarantee is placed as to if and when your article may be published, however you will be notified prior to publication. Submissions are designed by the MamaMag design team using our own images and graphics, however you are welcome to submit images for consideration. Submissions must be received at least 1 month prior to your preferred date of publication.

Please send your completed articles or submission ideas via the Submissions page.