Established in June 2014, MamaMag is an independently run FREE glossy magazine offering fun and relevant content, interviews, tips, offers and advice as well as local insights to mums and parents in their local area. With 6 issues a year and almost 100,000 readers* per issue, MamaMag is the leading local family magazine in Melbourne.

The difference between MamaMag and other publications is that instead of one big Melbourne based mag, we produce four separate titles every second month, each covering a quarter of inner Melbourne; Bayside, Westside, Northside and Eastside. Each magazine is aimed at families in their local area, not the whole of Melbourne, so it provides a more tailored and local reading experience for families. This has helped create a long term loyal following of mums who love the local nature of it as opposed to larger publications.

Our aim is to bring exciting, fun and relevant content to local mums at the same time as supporting local businesses and organisations with amazing cost effective targeted advertising.