Mums are the powerhouse behind the Australian economy and are the primary decision makers of about 80% of family spending.

While mums are generally responsible for the grocery shopping, they are also choosing what schools and activities to send their kids to, where to go on holiday, what to dress their kids in, what sort of house they should have, what healthcare providers they use, where to bank, what cars the family should drive, as well as their own personal and shopping needs and more. 

You’ve made the right decision by advertising with MamaMag, but is the rest of your advertising strategy, design and branding hitting the mark and talking to this key demographic successfully?

The MamaMag design team have been helping businesses and brands target mums and families for over 17 years under our parent company Grizzle Design.

We’ve worked with kids’ brands, childcares and schools, fashion brands, corporates, not for profits, FMCG (food and consumer goods), education, you name it, we’ve done it! We’ve also worked alongside some of Melbourne’s best creative and marketing agencies, so we’ve got incredible experience, but we don’t charge the large agency prices.

Our clever team of creative professionals can help you with:
• Branding strategy and logo design
• Graphic design, advertising & communication
• PR & Influencer marketing
• Social media strategy and design
• Copywriting
• Photography, printing and more

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