There is a regal air about most children, and it has nothing to do with that grubby smell, no. It is that natural Drama Queen and Drama King swagger that makes them so like royalty. They can give a decree like nobody’s business, and their demands must be met, or else you risk a tantrum akin to a world war.

Luckily there are diplomatic ways of navigating these dramatic tendencies that give the little royals the tools they need to rule wisely. It’s all about channeling that inherent dramatic energy that so many children don’t know what to do with (or know all too well what to do with) into creative, fun and instructive activities that compliment their innate talents.

Here are a few of those very games that together, will give the kids the majestic training they need if they want to rule their kingdom.

Lounge-room Ball – You might turn on Rage or find a Spotify playlist that suits the family’s taste in music, but whatever your cup of tea, kids love to move, and dance is the most expressive way to get their blood pumping and creative juices flowing. In keeping with the royal theme, your dance party could be a magnificent ball, where your queens get to frock up in their favourite gown. Or, you could throw more of a disco-ball if your kids are in a funky mood and feel like dressing up in some vibrant sparkles.

Court Jester – You can’t have a royal family without an entertainer. This is where you and your kids can get really creative. You could write and perform a play for a royal wedding, or put on a comedy act as the jester of the court. The play could be a comedy or tragedy – think Shakespeare for kids. Let your young actors design their characters. They can choose their own costumes; this is sure to add some unintended and likely hilarious juxtapositions and ironies to your play. If your performers are more spontaneous, they might find improvisation more their style. Or have a script but dare to veer from it! There are endless ways for your kids to bring to life their dramatic abilities. You could even help them build a set for the stage and get as crafty and detailed as you care to pack away afterwards.

The Triple Threat – Now your stage is set and the kids have refined their dance and acting skills, it’s time to add the final touch, song! You may wish to start your young triple threats off with a sing-along. Find some songs that you all know the lyrics to and give those queens and kings some microphones. We’ve all used hairbrushes, but making your own can be half the fun. For those kids who have something important to say, you could even write your songs from scratch. It’s not hard to find instrumental tracks online, but if you want to form a band, craft some percussion instruments for accompaniment.

With any luck, such games will foster the confidence, skills and insights in your young drama queens and kings. And if this is the kind of fun that they resonate with, check out the Beginners OnStage programme – a song, dance and drama course that gives young performers the chance to explore the world of the performing arts.

Beginners OnStage is an avenue for children to engage their imaginations and develop skills, confidence and character. Visit the website for more information