CHOICE have put Woolworths vs Coles vs Aldi name brand products to the test to reveal the best budget buys for coffee, tea, jam, ice cream, butter and more.

Supermarket own brands have become a major weapon in the ongoing pocket saving war.

“House brand products make up a significant – and increasing – proportion of supermarkets’ ranges. They’re big cash cows for supermarkets as they get to keep more of the profits and spend less on advertising.”

CHOICE food editor Rachel Clemons

Not only are house brands usually cheaper, they’ve also greatly improved in quality.

Name brand war

CHOICE have compared over 70 products from the big three chains – Coles, Woolworths and Aldi to discover the best picks of the name brand products. No surprise that Aldi came out on top with six wins across the ten categories.

Ice cream

Equal 1st: Aldi Monarc Indulge Vanilla Opulence
Equal 1st: Woolworths Vanilla Bean
2nd: Coles Vanilla Bean


1st: Aldi Beautifully Butterfully unsalted butter
2nd: Coles Australian butter
3rd: Woolworths Macro Certified Organic Salted Butter

Strawberry jam

Equal 1st: Aldi Grandessa Signature Jam
Equal 1st: Woolworths Essentials Jam
2nd: Coles Jam

Instant coffee

1st: Coles Fairtrade Organic Freeze Dried Coffee
2nd: Woolworths Freeze Dried Classic Coffee
3rd: Alcafe Aldi Classic Gold

Tea bags

1st: Aldi Diplomat tea cup bags
2nd: Coles cup tea bags
3rd: Woolworths Essentials tea bags

White bread

1st: Coles Gluten Free
2nd: Aldi Baker’s Life
3rd: Woolworths Country White

Tomato sauce

1st: Aldi Colway tomato sauce
2nd: Woolworths tomato sauce
3rd: Coles tomato sauce

Shredded cheese

1st: Coles Australian Mozzarella Cheese
2nd: Woolworths Australian Mozzarella
3rd: Aldi Westacre Tasty Light

Muesli bars

1st: Woolworths Chewy Choc Drizzle
2nd: Coles Choc Chip
3rd: Aldi Hillcrest Chewy Choc Squiggle


1st: Aldi Remano
2nd: Coles Basil Pesto
3rd: Woolworths Basil Pesto

Find the full results of the product test on CHOICE here.

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