These simple but clever ideas from Bosisto’s can help turn your pantry from a cupboard of chaos to an organisers dream.

Chuck & scrub

Take everything out of your pantry, throw out everything that’s out of date, everything that only has a tiny bit left in it, and anything which is spoiled or leaking and things you know you’ll never use again.

As you go through this process take note of the items that you use frequently and those you use rarely, so you can store the daily items front and centre. Make a list of items to replace as you go.

Wipe over the shelves and any little dust cobwebs hiding in the corners.

The no packet rule

This is the number simplest way to transform your pantry. The one thing ALL the experts recommend is getting your packet foods out of the packets and into something else.

Items that you need to de-packet include:

Dry beans, lentils and rice
Oats & muesli
Biscuits & cookies

Buy a selection of different sized containers.

Chain stores like Kmart, Big W, Ikea and Spotlight have terrific inexpensive pantry storage containers.

Door storage

If you have a small pantry then installing a spice rack or holder for your Clingwrap and Tinfoil on the back of the pantry door will free up lots of space.

Chalkboard pantry door

Buy chalkboard paint and get painting!

Jot down your grocery list or leave your family other reminders and notes.

Use any unused space

If you have a big pantry with lots of room, consider using that space to “hide” other things taking up room in your kitchen. Your microwave is a big one, but bottom or top shelves are also great for rarely-used appliances, party supplies, lunch boxes and carry bags.

Using magazine holders to store your cookbooks & recipe files is another great idea.

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