Mum of three shares a heartfelt post to the essential workers that are often forgotten during these tough times.

I am an essential worker, so I feel I’m qualified to say that we we need to give a big round of applause to the essential workers of every day,


Some of these mothers are “essential workers”, they are our doctors, our nurses, our cleaners, our chefs, our delivery drivers, our teachers.

In addition to everything she is, or used to be professionally,

She is mama.

The keeper of schedules, of routines, the wiper of snotty noses.
She’s the home schooler, the remote learner manager. She’s the thinker on her feet – all while trying to make her kids lives happier in such a trying time.
She manages the boo-boo’s that need bandaids.
The meltdowns, the tantrums, the referee who manages who had it first.
The activity planner.
The menu planner, she is the “rememberer” of who loves broccoli and who won’t have it near their plate.
She’s the dishwasher, the packer away of toys lady.
She’s the singer of the ‘happy birthday’ song to remind everyone how long to wash their hands.
She is the rock and the weight carrier of everyone’s problems.
She is the provider of comfort, of security, of love and 3am cuddles.

She is the worrier. Of everyone’s own problems and her own. She quietens everyone’s brain while hers ticks loudly.

She bears the weight of it all. And never asks for any recognition. Her essential work is invisible, her work is invisible. It goes unnoticed but without it, things wouldn’t go as smoothly.

So to all my mamas, the essential workers of the world, who never take a sick day and never bring home a pay check. I see you, and I salute you. Without you, your families world wouldn’t spin so soundly.

Laura is a passionate Aussie mum of three, who loves writing her heart out. Find more from Laura Mazz on her Facebook page here.

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