Australians can send free ice cream to family or friends living in Melbourne.

Customers from anywhere outside Victoria can surprise their loved ones with a free dessert, valued up to $20, from a local Melbourne business.

The Uber Eats #LockdownLove offer will run every day from 8pm on Monday, August 31 until Friday, September 4.

Orders are capped at 1,000 per day, so you’ll have to be quick.

To send a free dessert, Australians will need to enter a Melbourne address of where their loved ones live in the app to see the restaurants near them.

Uber realised that deliveries of sweet little desserts have absolutely spiked during the lockdowns, with a 22% increase of sweeties being delivered, especially after the 8pm curfew.

How to share a dessert with someone in Melbourne:

  1. Enter your Melbourne-based loved one’s address as the delivery location in the Uber Eats app. When you search the app will show restaurants near them, instead of you.
  2. Search for local dessert options available.
  3. On the checkout screen, enter the promo code, for example, mondaylove, tuesdaylove, etc. The first 1000 eligible dessert orders each day made after 8pm will be able to send their Melbourne mate a free dessert.
  4. Press “Order Now”, then click the “Share this delivery” option at the top of the Uber Eats app.
  5. Send the tracker link to your friend. When your friend opens the shared link, it’ll show where in the delivery process that surprise treat is in real time.

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