The results are finally in, and it seems even a worldwide Pandemic can’t stop disco kids from raising money to help save babies lives.

The Little Rockers Red Nose Disco this year raised $20,000 for Red Nose, to go towards education, research and bereavement services.

Sarah Morrissey remembers all too clearly the night she received a call from her brother to tell her of her nephews passing at 16-months-old. The devastating news was life changing for Sarah and her family.

“I wanted to help raise funds in memory of my nephew, Dylan, in a fun way that was easy for children and carers to get involved,” said Sarah.

“Having launched Little Rockers Radio (an online radio station for children) the idea was clear, a special disco broadcast where Early Learning Centres can register to host their own disco and children right around the country can wear red on Red Nose Day while disco dancing to help raise funds and awareness.”

Early Learning Educators right around the country were keen to get involved, despite some centres in lock down while others were only just reopening and operating under strict health and safety guidelines.

Funds raised have been coming through over previous weeks. $20,000 was raised from this year’s disco and tens of thousands of children danced, proving even a global pandemic can’t stop children from having fun, disco dancing and helping to raise funds for a serious cause.

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