We have found the perfect stocking fillers for kids of all ages this Christmas with nothing priced over $15.

The best stocking fillers for Christmas – Many times stocking fillers are an afterthought for parents, but kids absolutely love receiving little toys and knick knacks in their stocking as the icing on the cake!

Stocking fillers under $5

Universe Unicorn & Dino World Collectable Eraser $4.95

These collectable erasers come in different coloured unicorns and dinosaurs. They are so cute we’re sure they’ll become pride of place on your desk. Collect them all! Shop Smiggle here.

Pals Cable Cover $4.95

Protect your cables from bending and fraying while you charge your devices with these cute little Pals! And they’re scented! Yum! Shop Smiggle here.

Stocking fillers under $10

How to Train Your Dragon Mini Dragons $9.99

available from Big W

Jurassic World CAPTIVZ Slime Egg $7

Available from Big W, Target, Kmart

Illusion Spy Marker $5.95

The Illusion Spy Marker Pen contains both invisible and visible ink, and a fun character topper. Perfect for super-sleuths! Shop Smiggle here.


2B Scented Pencil Pack x4 $5.95

This pack has four deliciously scented 2B pencils with erasers. Simply rub the pencil to activate the awesome, long-lasting scent. There are nine scents available including Santa’s Cookies! Or you might prefer BBQ, Cheese Burger, Custard Tart, Yummy Dumpling, French Fries, Hot Dog, Nachos or Mac and Cheese!! Shop Smiggle here.


Dino Chomp Pen $7.95

Feed the dino with this super fun novelty pen. Simply push the lever to make the dino chomp! Shop Smiggle here.

Illusion Light Slapband $9.95

Everyone loves a Smiggle slapband. Featuring an eye-catching print from the Illusion collection you will stand out from the crowd. Simply slap it on your wrist and go! Shop Smiggle here.


Character Fluffy Sand $9.95

A cool combination of goo and sand, Fluffy Sand has an ace soft, sand-like texture and can be stretched and moulded. But this bucket of fun has a little something extra hidden inside… Can you find your cute lil ’ Smiggle friend? Shop Smiggle here.

Pintor Paint Marker Range $5.20

Available from Officeworks, Big W and independent retailers
Pilot Pen has extended its popular Pintor Paint Marker range from 14 to 24 colours in response to its huge popularity with crafters, DIY enthusiasts, kids, parents and art fans alike.

The new range includes vibrant metallics in gold, silver, pink, green, blue and violet and a selection of pretty pastels in yellow, green, blue, violet and pink.

Pintor can be used on a multitude of surfaces, including metal, glass, wood, fabric and ceramic, making it perfect for marking, labelling, decorating and more.

Available from Officeworks, Big W and independent retailers, RRP $5.20 (fine, extra fine and medium nib).

Crazy Bunch O Balloons 100 Rapid-Filling Self-Sealing Water Balloons (3 Pack) by ZURU $10

Available from Big W, Target and Kmart

Ages 3+

Stocking fillers under $15

Budz Squeezy Keyring $12.95

Personalise your bag, pencil case or keys with these squeezy keyrings that feature a cuuute character from our Budz collection. Meeeow! Shop Smiggle here.

5 Surprise Toy Mini Brands Capsule Collectible Toy by ZURU $12.99

Available in Big W, Kmart and Target

Ages 3+

Robo Fish ZURU $12

Available from Kmart

X-Shot Dino Attack Dino Striker Foam Dart Blaster (16 Darts, 4 Eggs) by ZURU $15

Ages 3+
Available from Target and Kmart

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