When Geelong dad, to two gorgeous girls, George Georgievski took over the cooking and school lunch duties from his wife three years ago, he thought he was just doing every parent should do, parent. What he didn’t foresee was him becoming a world-wide success as the “School lunchbox dad”, with live TV appearances, over 200k Instagram/Facebook followers and a cook book Lunchbox Express.

George shares with Mamamag his top picks for the kids lunch boxes below.

Top five items to put in a lunch box:

  1. Low salt popcorn, it’s a fun food with a heap of nutritional benefits.
  2. Creative sandwich, turn a boring sandwich into ravioli, dumpling or spring roll.
  3. Non watery fruits like stone fruits, apples, and berries. They don’t leak.
  4. Mini veggies like mini cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes.
  5. Love! Always make the lunch box as though it’s the last. Use the rainbow colours with fresh produce. Inspire your little humans.

Find out more about George and his fabulous creations at schoollunchboxblog.wordpress.com