Sophie La Giraffe is synonymous with so many Australian family’s parenting journeys, but did you know this cute little rubber Giraffe actually hails from France and this year celebrates her 60th birthday!

So just how did she end up in Australia?

Two French ladies, Cecile Boston and Isabelle Gardy, who grew up together as best friends in the heart of France, never thought that they would both end up marrying Aussie’s and moving to live in Australia. But this they did and soon after, with new born babies of their own, the girls naturally went to buy the Sophie teether that their homeland was so famous for. To their amazement Sophie wasn’t available here, so the girls started their own company, Les Folies, which became the exclusive distributor of Sophie in Australia!

Remarkably, sixty years after the very first Sophie the Giraffe was handmade from all-natural rubber from the Malaysian hevea tree, this chic toy loved by parents and teething babies around the world, is still produced in
the very same way. Naturally, and by hand.

Since her creation by Mr Rampeau in Paris in 1961, 70 million Sophie the Giraffes have been sold globally, in over 85 countries. In France annually, there are 2 Sophies sold per baby born! Sophie the name means ‘wisdom’ and her design was clever from day one. This adorable 18cm baby giraffe stimulates all 5 senses as well as soothing a baby’s sore gums. 

Sophie’s trademark dark spots are identifiable by young developing eyes; her natural rubber smell becomes very familiar to little noses; 100% natural rubber and food grade paints make her safe to chew; her unique shape and size make her easy to grip, whilst her distinctive squeak sound emitted when squeezed keeps babies amused for hours. Sophie’s soft texture and numerous chewable parts (ears, horns, legs) are perfectly designed for soothing sore gums for teething babies, with the longer back legs designed to reach a toddler’s back molars.

To commemorate this milestone occasion and for the first time ever in Sophie’s history, the brand is releasing a limited edition commemorative 60th anniversary design, as voted by the public, that will be released in September this year. 

Sophie the Giraffe has also entered into a significant partnership with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) to help protect and conserve this endangered animal species, particularly in Africa. Over the past 30 years, the number of giraffes in Africa has decreased by nearly 30%, disappearing completely from seven African countries. The brand has released a special 60th Anniversary Save the Giraffe pack RRP $44, featuring a full-size Sophie the Giraffe and a key ring, with founding company Vulli donating 1 euro per pack sold to GCF. 

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