Consumer research group Canstar Blue has surveyed more than 1,500 Aussies to see which major supermarket chicken takes home the top spot.

The results are a surprise to some, with Megan Birot from Canstar revealing their testing criteria, roasting each chicken for its taste, freshness, packaging, and value for money.

“We went out and we surveyed 1500 consumers to ask them to rate the roast chickens they’ve recently purchased from the major supermarkets,” Ms Birot told 9News.

Surprisingly, supermarket giants Coles and Woolies scored the lowest, with both their $10 chickens getting three stars for overall satisfaction and taste.

The Coles RSPCA-approved roast scored slightly higher in the value for money category, landing a four.

Reigning-champion IGA was pushed down to second place, with its $11.50 bird rating four stars overall.

Surprisingly Costco’s $6.99 chickens took out the top spot, landing a perfect score across all categories.

Do you agree? Which supermarket chook do you prefer?