In celebration of World Wellbeing Week (and anticipation of those lockdown feels), we wanted to share with you the latest trend in mindfulness for adults…LEGO play.

Forget knitting, goat yoga or colouring books, according to the LEGO Play Well Study (2020), 7 in 10 adults say they often research new ways to destress, and over 8 in 10 say PLAY helps them relax!

We know LEGO has incredible benefits for children, but many don’t know the possibilities for adults: from meditative building to taking micro breaks, there are many ways you can incorporate LEGO into your daily routine to live more mindfully.

We’ve collated the top three ways you can incorporate the brick-shaped zen into your life during World Wellbeing Week.

  • Play. Play can take many forms and it’s great to be able to relive the joy we experienced as children as an adult. With research suggesting play helps 8 in 10 adults relax, it’s time to pull out that board game or get your hands on some LEGO!
  • Sit side by side. It’s amazing how much more open we can be when we’re sitting side by side vs face to face. A good way to practice this, is to do an activity together, whether that’s walking, cooking or joining forces to build some LEGO (or try both – cooking with LEGO).
  • Meditate. There are so many ways to meditate – even mindfully building LEGO as part of a guided meditation ritual. The best thing is, having a tangible reward at the end: a piece of art to hang on the wall (see the LEGO Art Beatles set), or an iconic building you can display in your office (perhaps the LEGO Architecture Taj Mahal to inspire some wanderlust).

LEGO allows both children and adults to use their imagination to better express themselves, whether that be through play or mindfulness. 

World WellBeing Week returns in June 2021 to provide the opportunity for participants worldwide to promote an overall awareness for the wide-ranging aspects of wellbeing, including social, physical, emotional, financial, career, community and environmental wellbeing.