While 30% of Aussies were piling on the kilos during quarantine, a quarter (24%) admit they would need the help of
motivation of family and friends to lose weight. This comes as Aussies are ditching dieting alone and sourcing a ‘Diet Buddy’ to shed kilos together.

With over half (58%) of Aussies finding it easier to lose weight when doing it together, new research from 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan reveals emotional support and encouragement (58%) make losing weight with someone easier, followed by determination (46%).

Proving the ‘Diet Buddy’ system works, Melbourne couple Erica and Andreas Karageorgopoulos have lost over 100kg together during the pandemic.

“I always looked after myself fairly well, but when we were newly married and started a family, I had put on over 30kg post pregnancy. We were very comfortable and got into the habit of eating the wrong foods.

Psychologist, Jemma Doley specialises in health coaching and says, “When we connect with others, and share our goals, this can really help our motivation. Going on a weight loss journey together increases our psychological commitment to them and makes it more likely that we will succeed. It can also decrease temptation, particularly couples who generally prepare meals together.

“Working on a goal with your buddy can also help keep you both accountable and on track. It’s also bene1cial to build small “micro-habits” together. If you’re both aiming to start walking for 60 minutes every day but struggling to get out the door, start with a 5-minute around the block and built it from there,” she says.

A ‘Diet Buddy’ can also help curb impulse eating, with more than half (55%) of women revealing it’s easier to lose weight with another person because there is less temptation, compared to just 42% of men.

This International Friendship Day (Friday 30 July), The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan is encouraging Aussies to 1nd their ‘Diet Buddy’ to kick the kilos together and use their weight loss journey to build stronger relationships.

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