Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind Sesame Street, is launching new bilingual resources to help families of all economic backgrounds foster healthy eating practices and increase nutritional literacy ⁠— the ability to access and understand information about food and nutrition.

With generous support from the Walmart Foundation, the Healthy Habits for All initiativefeatures Chef Lily, Sesame Street Muppet and ambassador for healthy eating, and promotes accessible ways for caregivers to help children develop healthy relationships with food, including strategies for meal planning and making healthy, budget-friendly meals and snacks.

Sesame Workshop’s formative research findings revealed that COVID-19 and the corresponding financial stress experienced by families have made healthy foods much harder for many to afford. 

Healthy Habits for All was created to address these concerns by building upon Sesame Workshop’s existing library of Eating Well content to help families find new ways to access affordable food, build a balanced diet, and make groceries last.

Available in English and Spanish at, the new content bundle includes:

“Families deserve access to safe and healthy food, and it is important for parents to feel empowered to build healthy eating habits together with their children,” says Dr. Jeanette Betancourt, Senior Vice President of Social Impact at Sesame Workshop. “We recognise how difficult and overwhelming it may be to help children make healthier eating choices, especially for families impacted by financial stress, and Sesame Workshop is here to provide guidance and support, so children and their families know that they’re never alone.”

In addition to being available for free to families and providers online, new resources will be distributed through Sesame Street in Communities‘ on-the-ground partners. Since launching in 2015, Sesame Street in Communities has provided easy-to-use tools for community providers and caregivers to support families on topics ranging from resilience to school readiness—helping children grow smarter, stronger, and kinder every day.