We chat childbirth. It’s very normal to feel anxious about giving birth. First-time mums and even women having their fifth babies all feel the same way.

You’re probably also sick of hearing labour stories from many well-meaning friends, which isn’t doing much for your nerves. Try to ignore that nagging doubt and fear. You got this mama!

Remember you are not alone either. Every day around 350,000 women give birth around the world.

We asked our mums what tips they would share about childbirth, and here are just a few of them.

Top advice about childbirth

Here are some helpful tips about preparing for childbirth thanks to our mums who shared their own experiences.

Ignore all the advice you are given about childbirth.

Take that epidural if you are offered one.

Don’t do it. Scheduled C sections for me! No pain if you take the meds. Happy mamma happy bubba !

I’d take a C-section over my VBAC any day!

A Birth plan isn’t really worth the paper it’s written on, it extremely rarely goes to plan. Also, get it over and done with as quickly as possible cos it hurts.

Not to worry too much about a birth plan as your baby will come when it’s ready. My sweet girl game in the hallway of the hospital while they were wheeling me to a birthing suite.

That a c- section isn’t an easier option, as it’s actually major abdominal surgery.

Take a birthing class to help you feel prepared.

Try to get as much rest as you possibly can.

Eat well to help fuel your body.

Cook ahead! Meals ready prepared in the freezer are a godsend for the first few weeks.

Gentle exercise is your friend.

Set boundaries! Let friends and family know if you don’t want them to visit until you are home with your bub and if you are happy for everyone to have cuddles etc.

Make a list and check it twice! There is nothing better than being prepared a few weeks in advance.

Include things on your list like:

  • Pack hospital bag – pads, maternity clothes/bra, favourite snacks
  • Remember phone charger
  • Do grocery order 2-3 weeks before due date
  • Make contact list
  • Book pet sitter and/or arrange sitter for older kids
  • Book hospital tour
  • Check baby supplies (do you have enough onesies, nappies, wipes etc)
  • Meal prep and bulk up freezer stash
  • Chat to friends and family about visiting expectations and boundaries