You have to try this double nappy trick. There’s nothing more frustrating than being woken up by your little one in the middle of the night because of a leaking nappy, which most likely means a full outfit change, and possibly a change of bed sheets, leaving you both wide awake.

If your baby often wakes up drenched try this clever double nappy trick.

Double nappy trick

A Double Nappy is a clever way to stop nappies leaking at night.  Popping a second nappy over the top (you might need to go up a size to ensure it completely covers the first nappy) can offer the extra protection needed for a dry night sleep.

Some parents say they find punching a few holes in the first nappy to allow the wee to pass through to the outer nappy or cutting a slit in the first nappy so it can soak through easily to the outer layer works really well.

One mum explained how she cut a slit in the outside covering to help contain any excess pee…

“Don’t cut all the way through just the outside cover. You put this nappy on first and the idea is that when it fills up the wee can leak out through the slit you have cut, then you put an uncut nappy over it. So the little darling goes to bed with two nappies on and double the absorbing power! It works a treat for us.”

Other tricks

Other tried and tested tricks to get a dry night include:

Using a pull-up nappy over the top, best to go up a size so it fits comfortably.  

Line your bubs nappy with a sanitary pad to help soak up some excess fluid.

Adding an extra layer with a cloth nappy is another great trick. Pop it over the top of the disposable nappy to provide an extra layer to catch any leaks.

Or get yourself a waterproof sheet and double layer the bedding. Works a treat!