Giving your mum a special beauty spa day at home is a thoughtful and relaxing way to show your appreciation this Mother’s Day.

Here are some ideas to create a DIY spa day for your mum at home.

Create a relaxing atmosphere at home

Set the mood with soft music, candles, and some fresh flowers. Create a peaceful and calming atmosphere in the room where you will be giving her the beauty treatment. Settle her in with a large glass of cold lemon infused water, she is ‘in a spa’ after all!

Kick off with a facial

Begin with a gentle face wash, followed by a facial steam to open up her pores. Then apply a facial mask to hydrate and nourish her skin. Finish with a moisturiser to leave her skin feeling soft and smooth.

Treat her hair at home

Give her a relaxing head massage using warm oil, then shampoo and condition her hair. Finish with a blowout or let her hair air dry for a natural look.

Polish things off with a manicure and pedicure

Soak her hands and feet in warm water, then shape and file her nails. Apply a nourishing cuticle oil and finish with her favourite nail polish colour.

Finish with a massage

Give her a luxurious massage using a fragrant body oil or lotion. Focus on areas where she holds tension, such as her neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Remember, the most important thing is to make your mum feel relaxed and loved, if you’re short on time then there’s always the option to book her in at your local day spa or clinic for some TLC.

Melbourne’s award-winning, Cosmetic Avenue also offers gift cards, allowing mum to choose exactly what suits her best!