Why not shop ECO for that special gift you are seeking. We have done some digging and found some great gifts for that ECO friendly loving family member. It doesn’t hurt to think of the environment whenever we gift or feel like a treat. Shop the range below.

Eco gift guide

Step One

Finally, a product for mum. Step One is a best-selling Australian underwear brand that is made from Organic bamboo viscose, is naturally breathable and feels luxe soft on the skin.

They have a boxer brief for women, which comes with Step One’s Ultra Glyde technology between your thighs, boosting comfort and minimise your risk of chafing. They also have a bikini brief if that is more your style.

Packaging is compostable and toxin free. In addition to being possibly the most comfortable underwear you will ever wear, they also do right by the environment.


An Aussie start-up called ZERO has released the ultimate dry wipe, which as the name suggests, is a wipe that comes to you dry. It contains no chemicals, fragrances, or plastic, instead you add your own water as needed, which means that there is way less chance of your baby getting a rash or any irritations that are usually associated with products that have chemicals in them to keep them fresh.

Additionally, the product is reusable, as it is thick and strong enough to be machine washed up to three times, and then when you are done you can pop it in the compost, which makes it a great choice for the environment.

ZERO dry wipes are luxe soft and thick, they also are brilliant to use as a make-up wipe too, which is a win-win for mum!

Apia Honey

Apia Honey is a wellness collective on a mission to share safe and healthy honey-based solutions from Western Australia. We believe in making conscious lifestyle choices—from what you eat, to what you put on your body, to all your daily rituals.

Apia honey has launched several skincare products as well as two honey products. In early 2023 they will also be launching an TGA approved eczema cream. The current range can be purchased here.

Totem Eco

Totem Eco’s range of award winning All Natural Australian Deodorant Pastes are free from aluminium, sweat blockers, parabens and other nasties. They don’t use known irritants such as bicarb, fillers, or anything unnecessary in their formula, making it as effective and natural as possible while suitable for all skin types.

Infused with beautiful Australian Botanical Essential Oils and formulated with only the best Australian and locally sourced ingredients, Totem Eco’s vegan friendly, cruelty-free deodorant pastes contain antimicrobial properties to keep you smelling fresh as a daisy all day long.

Scents are created using Australian botanical essential oils and they include Honey Myrtle, White Cypress and Unscented – shop the range here


Worthy drink bottles are the first ever Australian made, 100% sustainably grown sugarcane drink bottles.

Pioneering a new technology, Worthy Drink bottles not only look good, they’re carbon negative, non-toxic, lightweight, dishwasher safe and fully recyclable. Sweet!

Even better, each bottle helps a worthy cause with 10% of all profits going to Vision Rescue, helping abandoned women and children living in the slums of Mumbai and RAMS, who run local resilience programs for at-risk high school kids.

Worthy is the brainchild of Melbourne based Angela Michel, who founded Worthy with one aim in mind; create a better drink bottle that helps the planet and others.

Join the sweet revolution. Find out more at Worthy drink bottles

Eco Warriors to the Rescue

With climate change becoming more and more of a reality, Lonely Planet Kids offers a range of books that help parents start the often-tricky conversation about climate change and learn more along the way.

These three books are fun, informative, and filled with content that will spark every child’s curiosity. Shop here now.

  • Written by award-winning science author Steve Parker, Lonely Planet’s new “The Weather Book” helps kids and adults learn more about the weather and its affects, taking the reader on an incredible journey through the world of weather and climate.
  • Sitting alongside this new book, Lonely Planet’s “The Ocean Book” is a comprehensive and beautiful guide to our oceans and explores the harmful effects of climate change, oil spills and plastic waste, and what we can do to help.
  • Or learn how to help save the world, one small step at a time with Lonely Planet’s “101 Ways to be an Eco Hero”.  This useful book includes practical tips and projects to help children learn how to protect our Earth for future generations.

Munch Ethical eco essentials

Munch is about empowering you to change the world. Every day, every way you can make a difference with Munch. Buy a Munch product and feel good about using it.

All their products are eco friendly in some way from being reusable, organic to biodegradable. Everyday products making a difference. Useful, beautiful and green. All our ingredients and products are sourced from ethical communities.

We have a strong Home workforce of women. We bring work to these women to enable them to not only to obtain an income but be part of a company with a purpose. Shop the range at www.munchcupboard.com

  • Silicone Baby Cups from Munch, $24.99 RRP. 
  • Reusable Ice Pops from Munch, pack of 4, $18.99 RRP.
  • Bamboo toddler plate and spoon with suction base from Munch, $39.99 RRP.
  • 5-piece Dinner Set for toddlers from Much, $39.99 RRP. 
  • Wooden utensils from Munch, from $4.99 RRP.
  • String Carry Bags from Munch, $14.99 RRP. 

Sustainable Travel Handbook from Lonely Planet

This practical and inspiring guide, motivates travellers to take a responsible approach to the impact of travelling. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon emissions, enjoy more a responsible wildlife-watching experience, harness culinary tourism for good or enjoy an eco-friendly city break, this guide has got you covered. Shop via www.shop.lonelyplanet.com

Acer Aspire Vero laptop

Acer’s green-pioneer laptop, the Aspire Vero, is perfect for those who work-on-the go (and want to reduce their impact on the Earth!) This eco-smart laptop is made from post-consumer recycled plastic, is easily repairable and upgradeable, and incorporates high-performance functions like the latest Windows 11 OS and a stylish 15.6” full HD display. The Aspire Vero is made to last and weighs only 1.8kg, meaning that it can easily be carried in a backpack. Available from Aspire Vero | Green PC | Acer Australia

Pilot B2P

If you want to help reduce plastic waste and make a positive contribution to the environment, then Pilot’s B2P (‘bottle to pen’) makes a great stocking filler this Xmas.

B2P is the world’s first pen made from recycled plastic bottles. It even looks just like a plastic bottle, with grooves and ridges on the blue-tinted, see-through barrel – a thought-provoking visual reminder of the need to reduce, re-use and recycle to help preserve our world for the generations to come.

Pilot B2P comes in two varieties, gel and ballpoint and is available in Coles, Officeworks, Big W and independent retailers RRP $3.70 (ballpoint), $3.85 (gel). 

For further information, visit: https://pilotpen.com.au/begreen/

Wiltshire Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle

With 10 bottles available in the range, the stainless steel collection is ideal for both hot and cool drinks, featuring double layer 304/201 steel and vacuum technology for thermal insulation.

The stainless steel bottles are able to keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. The stainless steel collection also possesses a condensation free exterior and a wide bottle mouth that can fit most ice cubes.

For more info visit wiltshire.com.au

Eco friendly wines

Banrock Station Eco-Bottle 2022

Good wine needs a great environment. Every step of Banrock Station’s winemaking process combines their passion for conservation and great tasting wine. The Banrock Station Eco-Bottle is made entirely from Australian-sourced 100% recycled PET plastic. The switch to sustainable packaging is helping to reshape the carbon footprint of wine by targeting the industry’s environmental hotspot, the glass bottle. 

Available in a light-bodied and dry Pinot Grigio and an aromatic Pinot Noir, Banrock Station’s Eco-Bottle wines make a perfect gift for both the wine-lover and the planet-lover in your life.  Available now in major and select independent retailers nationwide or online at https://www.banrockstation.com.au/


Produced by sustainability industry leader Duxton Vineyards, Rewild is an eco-conscious wine range that is fresh and vibrant and easy drinking. It’s sustainably crafted with minimal intervention and proudly 100% vegan friendly. Determined to offer consumers a genuinely sustainable wine range, Rewild takes its responsibility towards the planet very seriously – from grape growing to winemaking, production to packaging. Every step in making Rewild is a conscious decision to give back to Mother Nature.  

The Rewild range is available exclusively across Dan Murphy’s stores nationally and select BWS stores. The range includes a Chardonnay, Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Cabernet Sauvigion, Merlot, Shiraz, Fiano and Prosecco.

Farm Hand

Organic, vegan friendly and made with minimal preservatives, Farm Hand is a range of delicious wines crafted without any pesticides or herbicides – and has quickly become one of Australia’s leading organic wine labels. The Farm Hand wines are grown by the Grigoriou family, fourth generation wine growers, from almost one hundred acres of Organic Vineyards in the Monash Valley of South Australia. 

Since its inception in 2020, Farm Hand have partnered with Carbon8, an organisation that brings focus right down to the ‘soil’. They work to provide education, information and tools to farmers to support their transition from traditional farming methods to regenerative agriculture.