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Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between MamaMag and other family magazines?

The difference between MamaMag and other publications is that instead of one big Melbourne based mag, we produce four separate titles each issue, each covering a quarter of inner Melbourne; Bayside, Westside, Northside and Eastside. Each magazine is aimed at families in their local area, not the whole of Melbourne, so it provides a more tailored and local reading experience for families. This has helped create a long term loyal following of mums who love the local nature of it as opposed to larger publications.

What areas is MamaMag available in?

MamaMag is available across inner Melbourne through four local publications; Northside, Eastside, Bayside and Westside (for more details see the find a copy page).

Where can I find my local copy of MamaMag?

Each issue MamaMag distributes 10,000 copies throughout each local area in a variety of locations (for more details see the find a copy page).

How often is MamaMag published?

In 2017 MamaMag will be published every second month with 6 issues per year.

How do you keep MamaMag free?

We manage to keep MamaMag free by the support of our advertisers. By having both local and bigger businesses pay to advertise, they not only benefit from getting their word out to Melbourne families, but it allows us to cover our costs to bring you our great little mag free each month. Printing and distribution don’t come cheap!

Can I promote an upcoming event or local charity?

Yes, MamaMag is all about supporting your local community. We love to help promote local events or fundraisers either by discounted advertising or through our social media avenues. Let us know about your event via the Contact page and we can discuss it further.

Can I submit an article or an idea?

Yes absolutely, we love having mums, dads, friends and businesses submit articles or ideas for consideration. This can be done by the submissions page.

How much does it cost to advertise in MamaMag?

Download our media kit from the Advertising page for all the advertising rates and details. We like to think (well we know) our rates are incredibly good value compared to some other bigger or broader publications. There are great discounts for booking in multiple publications as well as rewards for multiple bookings in the one local area.