Did you know that it’s been 60 years since a little yellow can set the imaginations of both young and old right around the world wild? That’s right, it’s time to open a can of imagination as Play-Doh celebrates its 60th Anniversary, with celebrations to be held around the world on World Play-Doh Day on September 16th. Since its 1956 debut, the iconic Play-Doh yellow can has become synonymous with creative play, as well as being a fun family favourite! Now selling into more than 80 countries across the globe with more than 3 billion cans of Play-Doh compound sold, Play-Doh is not only fun but named in the Time Magazine list of ‘All Time 100 Greatest Toys’ in 2011.

In Australia, we have grown to love the PLAY-DOH brand as it continues to encourage creative, hands-on play and for World PLAY-DOH Day, Australians are being encouraged to explore what’s possible with PLAY-DOH.

“Throughout the past 60 years, the PLAY-DOH brand has evolved to meet kids’ ever-changing play styles, while continuing to deliver imaginative and open-ended play experiences which we know are very important to parents,” says Sarah Dalli, Senior Brand Manager, Hasbro Australia. “We look forward to celebrating the iconic brand with parents and children Australia-wide.”


  • Four colours started it all – red, blue, yellow, and white. Now the PLAY-DOH brand is available in more than 50 colors!
  • More than 3 billion cans of Play-Doh compound have been squished and squashed since 1956.
  • PLAY-DOH compound has three core ingredients: water, salt, and flour.
  • Since 1956, more than three billion PLAY-DOH cans have been sold. That’s enough PLAY-DOH compound to reach to the moon and back THREE times.
  • 1956 was the year the PLAY-DOH brand was born.
  • The estimated weight of all PLAY-DOH compound sold is heavier than 10,000 brontosauruses.
  • It would take more than 631 million PLAY-DOH cans to circle around the globe.
  • PLAY-DOH compound was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 1998.
  • PLAY-DOH compound and playsets are sold in more than 80 countries.
  • In 2011, the PLAY-DOH compound is named in the TIME Magazine list of “All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys.”
  • If you made a big ball of all the PLAY-DOH compound ever created, it would weigh more than 700 million pounds.
  • PLAY-DOH compound is the #1 reusable-modeling compound, with over 500 million cans produced each year.
  • Sept 16, 2015 marked the first-ever WORLD PLAY-DOH DAY! Celebrated across the U.S. since 2006, excitement surrounding this annual holiday grew far beyond national boundaries to inspire artists across the globe.


To celebratePLAY-DOH’s birthday we are giving away 1 or 2 Play-Doh Cake Party Sets! Simply have your child do our World PLAY-DOH Day colouring in page and send it to us by September 230th 2016. Details on the Competition Page.