It started out as a simple pipe dream for Parkdale’s Eleesha Nesci whilst on maternity leave. “Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a whole body hub close to home that I could go to”? Within days her husband Chris was pulling apart their spare bedroom and pushing her into “giving it a crack”. A few months later Love your Soul wholefoods bar and holistic wellness centre was born.

Congratulations on the recent studio launch – what’s the concept behind this all?

We have opened our studio to incorporate healthy eating and movement together. While you may eat well, if you don’t move in some shape or form you are not maintaining your whole body. Rest and recovery is equally as important so we have also included massage, kinesiology and bowen therapy all in the one location to help people with busy lifestyles.

Where does your passion come from?

I want to help educate our community that healthy living doesn’t have to be time consuming and costly. I am a huge believer that you are what you eat so I hope that Love Your Soul can change lives for the better especially little humans in enjoying healthy ways of living!

Tell us a little about your little girl?

Well what can I say… Zeebella is the love of my life. Over the past 20 months she has stolen my hearts in so many ways. She’s my best friend and I love her chubby cheeks, arms and legs more and more everyday. She’s one crazy monkey though; we moved house recently and whilst unpacking I found she had climbed onto several boxes to get in the kitchen sink. She had turned the water on and was going “splash splash splash”. MONKEY!


What was your career before starting LYS? What skills have helped with launching LYS?

I worked as a Senior Internal Auditor for Energy Australia, travelling quite a lot, working with a Senior Executive and climbing that famous “corporate ladder” which I loved. I still miss my career a little but I have been able to use my business planning, organisation and process improvement skills at Love Your Soul to help me with me juggle managing the store and a young family.

Chris has a background as a Physical Education teacher, is educating and empowering the next generation.  What have you got available for the kids?

We have a very strong passion for educating and empowering our younger generation in healthy eating habits, exercise and wellbeing. Chris is a big kid at heart and has created Kids Space classes incorporating team building, self confidence, yoga and mediation, while playing fun games. I have been actively involved in undertaking wholefood workshops with local schools giving kids the knowledge and ability to make their own wholefood breakfast and snacks to keep them fuelled for study.

Can you demystify the organic vegan wholefood concept for us? How important is the choice of food we choose to fuel our body?

For me personally organic foods are vital to ensure that you are reducing the amount of chemicals absorbed into your body, going back to the good old days where food wasn’t mass produced and took weeks to grow in sunshine, fresh air and water. Organic produce doesn’t have chemicals. A vegan diet is not eating any animal products at all. Wholefoods are foods that are not processed, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes.

Greatest lesson in starting your own business?

Very similar to my parenting lessons, go with your gut. Do what makes you happy and proud then your passion and love for the business will shine right through.

You run free Sunday running sessions – bet the numbers have grown and there are some good stories to share?

We started our Sunday Runday’s back in December when we first opened our Wholefoods bar. We have a fantastic group of runners varying in ages and abilities which is exactly what we strived to achieve. I love each one of our runners, but our group of young 17/18 year olds that turn up every week is so amazing! I love that we have created a positive place for them to hang out, exercise and enjoy organic wholefoods.


How important has the local community been to realise your business dreams?

Parkdale has been my home for the last 8 years and it’s fair to say I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. Our community has a wonderful mix of young families, corporates, and retirees all of which have shared our Love Your Soul love, giving us one amazing community family.

What keeps you motivated in those tough moments – both in business and in fitness?!

In business, knowing that I’m creating an amazing future full of good health and happiness for my little family. In fitness, Chris is my huge rock knowing how to push me to my limits.

Being a mum is…

The hardest job I have EVER done!!! I had 12 months of pretty much no sleep, which brought me to some pretty bad lows but motherhood has also given me a best friend who I cherish and love unconditionally. Zeebella has also taught me that everything doesn’t have to be perfect.

You can visit Love Your Soul at 75 Parkers Road, Parkdale and online at

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