The results are in – Thankyou makes the best nappies you’ve never tried.

Social enterprise Thankyou today launched a disruptive no-risk promise to parents: the new and improved Thankyou nappy will get them through the night, and if not, they’ll send parents a box of the current market leading brand, Huggies, to their door!

The campaign is based off the insight that trying a new nappy brand is an emotional and financial risk for parents, and results from independent testing which showed Aussie parents (who used other nappy brands) would recommend Thankyou’s new and improved nappy with the leading brands, with majority also saying they’d now buy Thankyou nappies. At the same time only 8% of Aussie parents have tried the Thankyou nappy on their child, making it the best nappy that 92% of Aussie parents haven’t tried.

Thankyou co-founder and MD, Daniel Flynn said with this offer consumers win, and hopefully Huggies takes it as a compliment. “Businesses have ‘de-risked’ products for years through a money back guarantee – this is the evolution of that strategy, one that offers a solution beyond just refunding money to show how deeply we care about giving people the best products, even if that means sending them another brand.”

“There’s an awkward tension in the office at the moment – some think Huggies will take it as a compliment, others aren’t so sure. The way we see it, this campaign is not about Huggies – they were chosen on their merits; because they’re the current market leader. So we hope the compliment doesn’t get lost in translation,” said Daniel. Results from the independent research confirm Thankyou’s focus on its number one rule, to make great products is paying off for the social enterprise and consumers alike.

Thankyou commits 100% of profit to help end global poverty, with over $5.8 million committed to date. Within this, the baby range has funded safe births and healthcare for over 94,477 mums and bubs in Nepal and Zimbabwe.

The ‘We’ll get you through the night’ offer runs from 16 April until the end of May 2018. Valid for Thankyou nappies purchased instore and online at Coles, Woolworths and Baby Bunting at RRP $28.00. If parents don’t have a great experience with the Thankyou nappy, they can visit to claim the redemption offer. Terms and conditions apply.

Thankyou wrote a letter to parents to support the campaign, you can read it here: