Yumi Stynes considers cooking and eating one of the great pleasures of her life – but she has zero time or energy for recipes that create work and add an unnecessary level of complication to otherwise honest food. With signature Yumi attitude and irreverence, The Zero F*cks Cookbook presents readers with 60 inventive, delicious and nutritious recipes that consume precisely zero fucks, but make it possible to focus on what sharing food with the people you love should really be all about.  These ‘almost too cute to eat’ tiny cheese pies would make perfect lunchbox or afternoon snacks, as well as party pleasers!

Makes: 6–8 mug cakes
Cooking time: 1–2 minutes 
Prep time: 5 minutes

100g butter at room temperature
100g caster sugar
1 egg
1 tablespoon vanilla paste
2 tablespoon sour cream
100g ground almonds
60ml milk
1/4 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon baking powder
100g self-raising flower
150g blueberries
Cream or vanilla ice cream to serve.

Chuck all the ingredients except the flour and berries into the food processor and whizz everything together to combine, then remove the blade, add the flour and mix through with a metal spoon to form a stiff batter.

Spoon 100g of the batter mixture into a mug, then press 5 blueberries down into the batter. Repeat with as many
mugs as you want to make, setting aside the leftover mixture for later use (see Tip).

Transfer the mug cakes to the microwave and cook one at a time for 1½ minutes on high – you can tell when they’re cooked because they look firm on top and smell awesome. (If you overcook them, they go nasty and rock-like.)

Serve hot with cream, vanilla ice cream or both.

TIP: For the leftover mixture, spray a muffin tin with cooking oil. Spoon 100g of the batter into as many muffin holes as you have leftover mix and freeze until required. Once frozen, loosen and pop the batter discs out with a butter knife and store in a zip-lock bag in the freezer until required. Nuking the cakes from frozen works (it’s some sort of microwave magic) and does not require extra time.










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