Basterfield Park was the very first park we reviewed when we started MamaMag 4 years ago, and it is still well worth the visit. The huge park has a beautiful ornamental lake, albeit slightly overgrown now with reeds, but it offers plenty of bird life to keep the littlies amused. Duck viewing is best done on the south side where a grassy edge spans a wide section of the lake.

The playground on the South (there are two, one either side) has had a recent mini-upgrade thanks to Bayside Council’s playground upgrade roll out. The original wooden play equipment still stands with its slides, swings, tunnel and counting abacus but it now features a fantastic new double flying fox, some fun sand and water play, 3 sand diggers, ride-on bug springers, and an ever-so-cute cubby house for some imaginative play.

Over on the North side is a covered pergola with half a dozen barbecues, built in picnic tables and of course the essential toilet facilities (quite new I might add). Whilst the playground here is much larger than the south, it is quite old and is getting an upgrade. The council recently ran a ‘have you say’ drop in day at the playground to get local’s feedback on their proposed design. You can add your own input at But what this means is we can expect this sweet park to get a fancy new playground in 2019. Yay!

Dane Road, Hampton East

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