If you’re heading south anytime soon, pop by Vista Estate Park for some fun and to burn off some energy! The beach is just minutes away (if the weather is nice!), there’s great scootering paths, loads of open space and sporting facilities for everyone. 

The playground consists of a traditional playground with slides, swings, climbing logs, mini spinning climbing frame and a musical xylophone. Instead of soft fall bark or rubber, the playground sits in sand, so bring your bucket and spade! There is also a sand/wet play table, so a towel might come in handy too in case they get wet!

The Vista Estate Park has a huge grass area with oval and football goals, outdoor cross fit gym and a half basketball court, so it’s perfect for kids, teens and adults alike.

Singleton Village Shopping Centre is conveniently located at the entry of Vista Private Estate, so you can grab some snacks and supplies on your way in!

113 Majorelle Way, Karnup WA 6176