There’s nothing like a trip away to relax, rejuvenate and refresh. A trip! If only! Since holidays may be some time off, particularly tropical ones we’ve decided to help you bring the holiday into your home.

Much like a trip abroad, indoor plants have been shown to boost your mood, help alleviate stress and improve air quality. Not only that, but they add so much colour and life to a space. So what are you waiting for?

We’ve come up with a few suggestions for houseplants which are not only well suited to indoor life and easy to care for, but will add some major vacay vibes to your space.

Strelitzia Nicolai

This white bird of paradise variety is the sibling of the orange-flowering type you see in outdoor gardens. The Nicolai has broader, larger leaves and the flowers are a lovely white and blue. This is a great statement plant as it will grow quite tall over time, but just make sure it has a sunny spot to live in.

Spathiphyllum Sensation

The peace lily is no longer just the daggy plant your mum kept in the bathroom. This variety produces huge, soft, dark green foliage and can really transform a space. This guy will survive in lower light conditions but will really thrive in bright, indirect light.

Parlour Palm

This variety of palm is great for indoors because of its compact size and fuss-free care requirements. Because it doesn’t grow as tall, it hasn’t got the huge, thick stem you see on most palms, which means you can focus more on that lovely, feathery foliage.

Alocasia / Elephant Ear

Most varieties of Alocasia/Elephant Ear are great for indoors, as long as you have a nice, bright spot for them. They can grow into beautiful, big plants over time, but are a rewarding plant to grow at any size. They’re a tiny bit more complex than most other houseplants, but one of our personal favourites.

Monstera Deliciosa

This has probably been the trendiest houseplant of the last few years, and with good reason. It’s immensely satisfying to watch those beautiful, fenestrated leaves unfurl, and they’re one of the easiest plants to care for. Pop it in a bright spot, and watch it take over. We recommend staking this plant for support and to encourage it to grow upward as it matures.

Just remember that when shopping for plants, it’s important to familiarise yourself with each plant’s specific light and water needs, to ensure that you can provide the right conditions for each one. That said, if you ever need plant support, we’re here to help!

By Allyson (mum to two girls) and Lexi (she’s a dog mum if that counts!) who used to run Plant Creepers. Find them on Facebook.