In celebration of its return to ALD Special Buys in 2024, ECOVACS asked some of its customers what the DEEBOT NEO means to them, and unveiled the ultimate life hacks with a robot vac!

The DEEBOT NEO robotic vacuum cleaner and mop is on sale in stores nationally from 6th March at just $399 while stocks last (half its full price value at $799).

An ALDI banner showing the Ecovacs DEEBOT BEO Robot Vacuum Cleaner sitting on a wooden floor with a $399 sale graphic in red.

Life hacks enjoyed by ALDI Customers with a Robot Vac

1. Pet Hair Maintenance for Homes with Pets

Creating a pet-hair-reduced environment with the DEEBOT NEO is easy thanks to daily, automated mopping and vacuuming at 2,600Pa suction power. The DEEBOT NEO takes care of the constant dog fur all over her floors and makes cleaning up a whole lot easier.

Allira (QLD) – Sharing her life in a 3 dog, 1 cat household to the Instagram account @worldmeetcoco.and.tilly, Allira can’t speak highly enough of her DEEBOT NEO stating “Our new ECOVACS is actually the best thing I have ever bought!! It’s a game changer for us and I could not live without it! We use it for one full clean daily (twice a day recently with all the rain) and also touch-ups throughout the day if need be. Honestly worth every cent and more!”

2. A Helpful Tool for Elderly Parents or Mobility-Restricted Households

As age begins to take its toll, getting to those low or hard-to-reach places can be more of a chore than the cleaning itself! With its slim design, accurate TrueMapping navigation and easy-to-use app, users can reduce manual labour around the home while also cleaning areas they might not otherwise ever touch!

Simon S – “I bought one for my elderly parents, to help them just set and forget” After purchasing his own ECOVACS DEEBOT NEO at ALDI in April 2022, Simon knew that this was the exact tool he needed to support his parents thanks to it being easy to schedule, great on hard floors and carpets, and able to get into spaces they can’t.

The ultimate life hack with a robot vac. A modern lounge room floor shows a DEEBOT Neo vacuum with the imaginary lines on the floor that it follows.

3. The Ultimate Time Reclaimer for Busy Families

Without the need to be home or even awake to get the vacuuming done, the DEEBOT NEO can be controlled and scheduled through the ECOVACS Home app anywhere, anytime, freeing up time for parents! With dual vacuuming and mopping capabilities, it can handle all types of kid messes, and with easy virtual boundary setting or area cleaning, it can be set to clean exactly where and when is desired.

Ally L (Healthcare Admin and Full Time Mum from WA) – Ally has two small children and two cats, who collectively leave a trail of mess everywhere they go. Since purchasing her DEEBOT NEO from buys Ally feels she has found her “new best friend” which she says saves “at least two hours a day in manual work”. She loves how she can set it to clean while she’s out doing the school drop-off, and can choose the room cleaning order to ensure it doesn’t interfere with her toddler’s nap. Affectionately naming him Leonardo Di Vacuumo, Ally says she “would 100% recommend this product. Amazing.”

4. Embracing Multi-Robot Homes

Loving how the DEEBOT is cleaning up downstairs? The DEEBOT NEO is an affordable option to maintain a second-floor hands-free, on the same app and interface as higher-traffic areas. For less than $400, keep the upstairs as clean as the downstairs with the same minimal amount of effort.

Emma R – “One for upstairs and one for down…100% recommend its awesome.”Emma is a mother of two and is a double DEEBOT owner. Having purchased DEEBOTs from past ALDI deals, she claimed she loved her first one so much she had to buy a second for the upper floor.

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