Children’s spaces are fast becoming a creative extension and a real statement in the family home and Liberty Interiors, headed up by Melbourne mum Nicole Rosenberg, is tapping into this new-found obsession with all things beautiful.

A lover of all things art and style, like many, Nicole found her inspiration to start her business after having her own children. After decorating their bedrooms and then the rooms of friends and family, she felt encouraged by how much she loved creating these beautiful spaces and how much her friends loved her work, so she knew there was a business in this niche service, and she was right! 

Obviously your kids were your inspiration to start your business. Tell us a bit about your children.

Ruby is my eldest and is now 14 – she is like a mini me! She loves being creative, having everything full coordinated and would love to come and work for me one day! Millie is my middle child and is 12. She loves being on stage and I can see her doing something in the arts when she grows up! She has big plans for her next room … that she thinks is coming soon … Archie is 9 and is my little baby (but a big one). He is completely obsessed with all things sports and could care less about what his room looks like – he sleeps in there and that’s about it!

What were you doing before the kids were born?

I studied to be an Occupational Therapist for four years when I left school and was working in a hospital! I knew it wasn’t something that could sustain me as I just wasn’t passionate about the field at all. Once I had Ruby I knew I didn’t want to go back working as an OT and started creating personalised hand painted Babushka Dolls for baby presents! This kept me busy for a couple of years and was a great creative outlet for me whilst I was at home looking after Ruby. I also became obsessed with decorating Ruby’s nursery and people started asking me to do the same for their children! And that’s how my business started!

What’s your favourite thing about being a mum?

Being a role model. I really want my kids to look at me and see that I’m a hard-working Mum that can do it all! My kids go to private schools and are very fortunate and I want to instil in them a hard-working ethic and know that opportunities are not just handed to you. I love spending time with my kids, but I find that our day to day (and especially during the week) lives are just so busy and fast paced it’s sometimes hard to find the time to really connect one on one so I’m really trying to think about that now going forward.

If you could style anyone’s home, whose would it be?

Harry and Megan’s! I really think they are going to call me any second to do the nursery… I’m keeping my diary open…

Favourite colour?

I absolutely love deep moody blue and dusty muted shades of pink. I also think that paint is the easiest and cheapest ways to create a mood in a room and the best thing about it is you can paint over it again and again!!!

What are your favourite key pieces to use when styling a children’s room?

Beautiful linen is essential, and this is something that touches your child’s skin every single night! I also love to invest in custom made bedheads using textural linens. Bookcases are also essential, and I love to specify ones that are a little different like the house shelf from This Little Love.

Here are Nicole’s top 5 tips for creating a beautiful and functional kid’s space:

1. Don’t crowd the space!

A room needs space to breathe so don’t fill up the room with unnecessary furniture and just focus on the essential furniture pieces that your child will use most. This will also encourage your child to keep their rooms clean easier and generally look less cluttered.

2. Use child friendly materials 

When choosing a fabric for a bedhead make sure it’s one that can be cleaned easily and also opt for darker colours.

3. Storage, Storage, Storage

Storage is essential in any kids’ room, As your child grows up into a young adult, they will still need adequate storage space. What starts out as room for toys and soft teddies will evolve into storage for clothes, books and other personal belongings so that’s the one essential your kids are always going to need and use. Built in under bed storage is a really great option if you need extra storage in the room.

4. Painting the room!

If you are on a budget I always say paint the entire room a color- it’s the easiest way to create something fun and magical! Paint your child’s room in a bright and vibrant hue that reflects his or her own personality. You can easily re-paint the room as your child grows as well!

5. Rugs

I love using rugs in kids’ rooms, firstly to save the carpet that’s under it for Mum (LOL) but secondly it’s a great way to jazz up the space as often carpet can look so boring! I like to opt for round rugs in kids’ spaces as it gives a sense of fun and creativity to the space! I always like to opt for natural fibres in a rug such as wool or hemp.

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