The boots are polished, the bells are jingling, the big red suit is freshly washed and hanging on the line. For Aussie kids (of all ages), it’s time to ring in the festive season with the return of the Free Calls to Santa hotline from any of the 14,500 Telstra payphones around the country.

We know how kids of all ages love calling Santa. Last year there were over 11,000 calls made from Telstra payphones to the North Pole on Christmas Eve alone. So, whether you’re based in Subiaco or Sandringham, you’ll have plenty of time to get your call in.

An enhanced way to chat to Santa  

Staying connected to friends and family is essential during the festive season, and to add an extra dose of holiday magic, kids across Australia will be able to do more than just talk to Santa about their Christmas lists. 

From asking about the weather in the North Pole, to what the reindeer like to snack on before their big Christmas Eve adventure, Telstra’s Free Calls to Santa hotline is more interactive this year, allowing kids young and old to have more engaging conversations with the jolly man in red.

A young girls stands in a Telstra phone box chatting to Santa on the phone. She is wearing a denim dress with flowers printed on it and has a short brown bob.

Payphones can offer a stress-free North Pole connection  

For those looking to skip the crowds in shopping centres, the payphones offer a convenient and cost-free alternative to get a call in to Santa.

Here are some handy payphone tips this holiday season

For kids, calling Santa also provides a fun and easy way to learn how to use and locate their nearest payphone in case of an emergency. Some handy tips:  

  • Use Free Calls to Santa to show kids how a payphone works and remind them that they can use one when it’s needed. 
  • Fun fact: Every payphone has a unique number you can dial from your mobile. This is a great way to show kids what an old-fashioned phone sound like!

Here’s how to call Santa from a Telstra payphone

First, head to any Telstra payphone from November 15 – December 24. You can find your closest payphone by using the payphone finder on or Google Maps. Dial #HO HO HO (#46 46 46) and make sure you’re ready with a few questions for Santa, and to tell him what’s on your wish list!  

Santa’s elves have also helped us liven up a special selection of payphones around the country and you can use our interactive map below to find them. 

In August 2021, Telstra made all standard national and mobile calls from payphones free to support the community. Since then, usage has more than doubled. In the 12-months to June 2023, over 23 million free payphone calls have been made, including more than 250,000 calls to Triple Zero and other emergency services

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