Woolworths are calling on the public to return any unwanted Ooshies rather than toss them out.

The major retailer has partnered with recycling company, TerraCycle, to turn any unwanted Disney characters into garden furniture, fences and park benches.

Dedicated bins will be placed in every store so customers can drop off any pre-loved Ooshies, including those from the Lion King collection, until January 31.

Return your Disney+ OoshiesTM to Woolworths

In a statement on their website they shared, “Here at Woolworths, we’ve partnered with TerraCycle to help you recycle any pre-loved or unwanted Disney+ Ooshies with ease. It’s as simple as dropping them into a Disney+ Ooshies TerraCycle bin at any Woolworths store, then we’ll happily return them to TerraCycle on your behalf.”

How does it work?

Once returned, Disney+ Ooshies are shredded, cleaned and melted into plastic pellets. These pellets go on to help become new recycled products such as fences, benches, garden beds and decks.

Disney+ Ooshie wrappers can also be recycled. Place them in your regular recycling bin at home (with the yellow lid) or in store in our wrapper bin.

You can return your unwanted Ooshies to any of their stores before 31 January 2021.