A US mother has shared her painful experience removing Bunchems, the colorful toy balls that stick together, from her daughter’s hair after 150 became tangled in and required 20 hours to remove!

The mum says her six-year-old twins were playing in the basement on January 8th when ‘jokester’ Noah poured a box of the ‘velcro’-like balls over his sister Abigail’s head.

The 47-year-old mother-of-two said she had an ‘out of body experience’ when Abigail emerged with the toys completely matted in layers of her hair, calling the incident the ‘worst Mom nightmare’ she had experienced to date.

‘She had about 150 of these things layered and matted in her hair. They made it worse trying to remove them because the connect together kinda like Velcro.

‘It took me about 3 hours to get out 15. Then [my husband] Dan got home and googled it an we realized the severity of what we were up against.’

From their Google searches, they learned that conditioner and vegetable oil could loose the toys, but ‘that made it worse and so messy’.

Her post warning other parents has gone viral, earning 228,000 shares helping to spread her message far and wide.