Free sanitary items will be provided in every public school in South Australia this year to ensure students do not miss class due to a lack of access.

The State Government is funding the initiative in a bid to improve attendance, with $450,000 to be dedicated to the program over the next three years.

Why not all schools?

The initiative aims to tackle the problem of period poverty, a term describing the inability to purchase sanitary products and the obstacles that presents to health, comfort, and engagement with school and community activities.

Period poverty has been an ongoing issue across Australia, with light recently shed on the topic. (that’s ALL of Australia!)

In a joint report between QUT Business and charity Share the Dignity, Dr Ruth Knight described it as “a real issue that is under-researched”.

“We have anecdotal evidence of teachers personally donating products but there is a lack of data about the level of need,” Dr Knight said.

Public response

“This should be rolled out nationwide and without delay. Lack of access to these items is often the difference between girls attending school and not.”

“Fantastic. Should have in all schools.”

“Yes!!!!!!! Sanitary products and contraceptives should be free products available to all.”

“Absolutely, should be in all schools!”

It is a concept that all states needs to jump onboard with ASAP.

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