Smeg’s new $3990 retro fridge flunks our lab test with dismal 22% rating.

The new Smeg range has been branded the “worst fridge ever” with its latest FAB38RCRAU model, the lowest result in CHOICE history.

In independent lab tests, the 510 litre unit scored a “truly chilling” CHOICE Expert Rating of just 22%, based on a raft of serious temperature issues.

“This fridge is the worst we’ve ever seen in decades of testing,” says CHOICE fridge expert, Ashley Iredale.

You get a 1950s-style aesthetic… but you’ll also get ’50s performance to match.

CHOICE fridge expert, Ashley Iredale

“It’s even more appalling when you consider that it costs a whopping $3,990. You get a 1950s-style aesthetic from this fridge, but you’ll also get ’50s performance to match.”

As well as being “very expensive to run”, warns Ashley, the Smeg range has terrible cooling performance.

CHOICE experts scored it a damning 0% in temperature-stability test after witnessing wild and worrying fluctuations. Which could mean food won’t last as long and you’ll need to buy it more often.

“Its alarming range of temperature issues means perishables are likely to go off far more quickly than they should,” Ashley explains. “Replacing them is an extra cost you’ll be paying for the lifetime of the fridge.”

You can find the full test results on CHOICE here.

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