Need some Inspo for your kids party? Look no further we have you sorted.

Planning for your kids birthday party can be a bigger decision than you think. While it is the day of the year for them, it does require some planning from parents.

If you invite everyone over to your house then you need to clean, decorate, set up, you also will probably be babysitting to an extent as the other parents may just be dropping their kids off- especially as they get older and then there is always the cleanup.

Alternatively, you can outsource the activity to another company, but then you need to be mindful of “breaking the bank” and making sure the activity will be fun for everyone. 

With that in mind, here are some of our top picks for memorable birthday parties this year

Host a Ninja Warrior Inspired Party

If you want to keep the kids busy and entertained, why not try out an indoor obstacle course that is kid-friendly such as Ninja Parc

Not only is this activity a great way to keep the kids occupied, but it is also an activity that exerts energy so the rest of the parents can thank you later.

Ninja Parc aims to “inspire a world of movement” with obstacles that challenge you with hanging, swinging, climbing, jumping, rolling and falling and they are all padded for safety. 

They also host awesome birthday parties that include 2-hours of actioned-packed obstacle playtime, a meal, drinks and a Ninja Parc headband, your own party table and coordinator from $29.95 per guest. Suitable for kids from the age of 3 up and all you have to do is show up. The rest is taken care of. 

Picnic in the park

Another great birthday idea that will save excessive cleaning up is to choose a park with a fun playground and host a picnic. This is a great and affordable way to celebrate a birthday, and odds are the other parents will hang around to help you.

In Sydney some of the best playgrounds include Domain Creek, Wuaba Park, Fairfield Adventure Park and Blaxland Riverside park and they include slides, swings, ropes and lots of other pieces of equipment. 

Get there early to grab a spot, don’t forget some picnic blankets and some good sharing food and of course, a birthday cake. 

Painting party

Whether you are having a party at your home, at a park or at another location, it always helps to have an activity or some games to keep the kids entertained. Aside from pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey, getting the kids to be creative can definitely add some value to the party. Why not try to pick up some colouring books or some of the animal plasters at Big W/ K Mart for the kids to paint? Having a nice arts and crafts activity is a good way to keep them entertained but also satisfied with the day. Plus they have something to take home with them besides a lolly bag that they can remember the party by

Host a dress up theme

Having a dress-up party for the kids is always fun, especially if you can do a theme that can be done affordably such as Micky/ Minnie Mouse. Get everyone to wear something that pays homage to the character and have some themed items there on the day, be it a themed birthday cake, a game or an activity. Depending on your budget, you can also hire an actor to come by the party dressed as the character and they tend to put on a little show for the kids. 

Water park

While massive theme parks are only located in certain areas, there are a lot of smaller water parks with pools and slides all over the country and they are an extremely fun day out for kids, as well as being affordable. If you are celebrating a summer birthday party this is a great one to get on the list. Like with Ninja Parc, it’s such as fun day of activity that the kids won’t even realising that they are somewhat “exercising”.

Cake decorating or biscuit decorating

If you are lucky enough to live by a kids play centre that also does kids baking classes, definitely add it to your birthday inspo list. If not, why not consider baking some cupcakes or cookies in advance and set up a variety of toppings so the kids can decorate their own dessert as an activity to do at the party.

Don’t Forget

The key things you need for a party:

  • An invitation: a fun, designed kid invitation gets everyone excited to attend. Make sure you send it out around 3 weeks ahead so the parents can keep the day free
  • An activity: Be it an indoor obstacle course, painting, decorating cupcakes or the like, an activity keeps the kids entertained and makes the party memorable. If you host the party at a place like Ninja Parc, the event comes with an event coordinator who can keep them entertained. If not, make sure you have an activity and a few games up your sleeve 
  • Food and drinks: Finger food goes a long way like finger sandwiches, pizzas, fruit on a stick, party pies. Some drinks and don’t forget a cake!

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