Kids lunches are always a challenge, and it can become tiresome constantly trying to invent new ways to get the recommended servings of fruit & veg into our little ones.

But never fear, we have collated a list of simple, easy and accessible kids snacks that are healthy and perfect for those needing a school lunch revamp. From fruity to sweet to salty, these veggie filled snacks will keep your kids full of energy and jumping in the playground.


This new range of plant based crispbreads means your little ones won’t even know that they’re eating veggies while they snack on these delicious crackers. Flavours include pumpkin, sweet potato, and beetroot. Just add a topping or split into soldiers to pair with a dip!

Fruit Chips

If you want to get the good stuff into your little one, but they’re not always impressed with a solitary piece of fruit from the kitchen bowl, try spicing some of your fruit with cinnamon sugar and popping it in the oven.

Pasta roma!

This new kid on the block is a winner with little ones with sensitive tummies, as it’s gluten free. Pasta roma! uses corn and rice as its base ingredients, and can be paired with a variety of other sneaky vegetables like homemade passata or lentil bolognese for a well balanced meal. 

Veggie sticks

Another winner is always the good old veggie stick (carrot, celery, cucumber) with some hommus or greek yoghurt for dipping.