Midwives have revealed some of the and weirdest names parents have tried to register for their newborn babies.

The now-deleted Reddit thread was shared by Mum Central.

Some of the names – like Colon, Vagina and Death – will really leave you shaking your head.

Two parents even wanted to call their child death, one midwife revealed.

“I could not stand for it, so I told them every time I went to type it into the birth certificate it changed the form to a death certificate,” the midwife wrote.

“Thankfully, they bought it and the girl is now named Morticia.”

One commenter said as a registrar she had received birth certificates with the names Killer, Sweet Prayer Sunrise and – wait for it – Syphilis.

“I lived with a student midwife and the first set of twins she delivered were named Red and Blue,” another recalled.

“As a med student, I had a patient who wanted to name her child Mudpiles,” one midwife said.

Other weird names shared on the Reddit thread included:

“My classmate’s mother was a maternity nurse, and she once had a couple who wanted to name their son ‘Collin’, but wanted to give him a unique spelling. So they chose to spell it C-O-L-O-N.”

“My grandmother once put Virginia on a birth certificate when the parents had requested Vagina but didn’t know how to spell it.”

“I once had a student named Linoleum. Some midwife definitely dropped the ball on that one.”

“As a Family Medicine Resident, I personally delivered two different girls named Khaleesi. This was around 2016, well before Season 8 (when Khaleesi goes on a murderous rampage). I imagine there might be some buyer’s remorse.”

“My co-worker went to school with a girl named Fallopia. I feel sorry for her when she’s in biology class and they talk about Fallopian tubes.”

“I had a coworker named Trina, and when she was pregnant, she told me that she and her husband had decided to name their baby Latrine. I had to explain to her that she was naming her poor baby after the hole in the ground that soldiers s*** into.”

“My husband wanted to name our son Truck. Almost ended in divorce. Needless to say, none of our boys are named Truck and we are still married.”

What weird and whacky names have you heard?

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