Winter is just around the corner and with that comes a new set of challenges when it comes to keeping the kids entertained, as they won’t necessarily want to be outdoors as much when it’s cold out. Here are some of our top picks for family friendly activities to do this winter.

Top family friendly activities to do this winter

Indoor Obstacle Courses

Indoor obstacle courses are so much fun for kids as they challenge them in different ways, both mentally and physically.

For starters, the obstacles are all quite different, from bouldering challenges to rope climbs, vertical and horizontal doors that they need to get through and a sea of poles. All obstacle require them to move their bodies in different ways, hold themselves up and balance themselves in different positions, as well as really think about how to tackle each one in order to complete it. Once the kids get through them, they may even be interested in trying to do it a better way or get a faster time.

Ninja Parc has a series of centres all around Australia. They run supervised 3-hour school holiday programs, birthday parties, casual play sessions for all ages, plus many types of classes from Parkour to Little Ninjas.

Colouring in competitions

Colouring in is a relaxing activity that you can do as a family, but further to that, it is also a great activity for helping to develop your kids fine motor skills, concentration and coordination for early hand grip and writing skills. It also is something that is likely to engage your kids attention for a decent period of time. This is a great activity to do in winter as a family. You can have colouring in contests. You can rug up and take the books out to the park and colour in surrounded by nature. It is also inexpensive which is a bonus and your kids can be proud of what they have created

Go Iceskating

Depending on how old your kids are, winter is a great time to embrace winter activities, and ice skating is a great one. Ice skating is a great activity that helps to improve posture, balance and coordination. It is also a good one to start them off with young so that they feel more confident giving it a go.

While there are a bunch of ice skating rinks around Australia, have a look to see if a winter festival near you has a rink. They often can be found in random places around Australia in winter such as in Bondi or near the St Marys Cathedral.

Visit a living museum, aquarium or planetarium

Winter is a great time to teach kids about the world we live in, and what better way to give them even more information than to bring them to a museum, aquarium or planetarium so they can ask the experts all the questions they like, hear unique stores and learn about how things work and live around them.

Go on a trees adventure

There are a bunch of tree top adventures that can be enjoyed by the whole family around Australia, such as Trees Adventure at Goose River, Wild Rope at Taronga Zoo and more. This is again a great way to bring out a sense of adventure in the family, the kids get to appreciate the trees from another angle and if they are lucky they may even see an animal or two.

More family friendly winter fun

  • Family board game nights
  • Arts and craft (slime, playdoh, self portrait painting)
  • Treasure hunt
  • Movies, theatre night
  • Camp fire with smores
  • Learn an instrument