We all know that feeling of being overworked or totally, mind-numbingly overwhelmed. The racing heart and shallow breath that comes from being frozen in fear or paralysed by panic. 

The throbbing head pain that comes courtesy of a house full of screaming kids and the sleepless nights spent worrying about money; or health; or the current Covid situation. 

Stress is stressful!

As a crystal healing practitioner for over 14 years and mother to two wildlings, I am personally and professionally familiar with the challenges that living with anxiety can bring. Fortunately, I have had a lot of success using crystal healing to help reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety in my own life and the lives of my clients.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or are struggling with feelings of anxiety, know that it does get better. Next time you are craving some calm and clarity in your day, pour a cup of tea, light a relaxing candle and grab a crystal. Hold it against your forehead and focus on taking slow, deep breaths as you channel your stress into the crystal. Do this until you begin feeling more centred and relaxed. You may also like to hold a crystal against your heart, or in your hand. Don’t forget to cleanse your crystal afterwards by placing it in sunlight for a few minutes!

Not sure which crystal to use? Here are my top 5 crystals for helping stress and anxiety:

1. Sodalite

Like most stones in the ‘blue’ family, the energy of sodalite is very cooling and calming. Place a piece of Sodalite over your 3rd Eye Chakra (in between your eyebrows ) or Crown Chakra (at the top and centre of your forehead) and feel instantly calmed by its relaxing energy. Not only is this gorgeous stone able to calm the most anxious mind, sodalite is also excellent for bringing clarity and perspective to an otherwise overwhelming situation!

2. Rose Quartz

If a crystal could bake your favourite brownies and give you the best grandma cuddles, it would be rose quartz! This pale pink beauty resonates with the Heart Chakra and is a superstar when it comes to settling big emotions. Place it at the centre of your chest to help sooth panic-induced heart palpitations, or simply hold it in your hand to benefit from all the juicy love and support it radiates. Best of all, rose quartz reminds us to be gentle and forgiving towards ourselves, at times when we need it most. Soak in a rose quartz infused bath for the ultimate relaxation and support experience.

3. Hematite

Hematite is not usually a contender when it comes to well-known crystals for supporting anxiety – but you would be surprised how effective it is! Because of its natural gravitational and magnetic energies, it is probably the most powerful grounding stone in the mineral kingdom. Placed between the feet or held in the lap while seated, it will help you remain anchored when your thoughts or feelings get carried away. Hematite is also used to bring focus and strength to the mind – and anyone who has overcome anxiety, will tell you that strength of mind is essential! 

4. Amethyst

Being a deeply spiritual stone for the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakra, amethyst will help you to connect to your higher-self with more awareness. It is very calming and works on the mind to bring a sense of peace, serenity and almost a meditative state of mental relaxation. Hold amethyst gently against your forehead and breathe deeply and rhythmically the next time you begin to feel anxious. You will be amazed at how quickly you begin to feel calmer.

5. Amazonite

As a natural balancer and cleanser, amazonite is most effective when used at the Solar Plexus Chakra (at the centre of your diaphragm) and Heart Chakra (at your heart). It energetically protects against negative and stressful environments and is used in crystal healing for stabilising emotional imbalance, releasing emotional trauma and calming overwhelming feelings. Hold amazonite close to your body and visualise yourself being surrounded by its colour, which is washing away any irrational thoughts or panicky feelings.

Kate Mantello, author of Rock On: The Crystal Healing Book for Rebels (Rockpool Publishing $29.99) is a Master Energy Healing Practitioner and founder of Evolve Healing Institute – a world class online training platform for professional crystal healing practitioners. Rock On is now available where all good books are sold and online at www.rockpoolpublishing.com.au

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