I think we can all agree, there is nothing better than treating yourself to a facial to unwind and relax. Given recent lockdowns and restrictions visiting our normal beauty therapist may not be on the cards for a while as things slowly start to get back to normal. Enjoying the time you might have left at home and making sure you take some much needed pamper time is essential to feeling your best.

4 tips for a relaxing at home facial

For those who are home, here are 4 tips for the ultimate relaxing facial.

Fresh ingredients

This might sound like part of your grocery list however using fresh ingredients on your skin can not only be a fun way to make a face mask, but provide a handful of benefits to the texture and appearance of your skin. Avocado’s for example are a wonderful ingredient for your at home facial as it can help prevent dry skin, minimise breakouts and improve skin elasticity. Honey is another wonderful ingredient that is especially good for preventing skin damage as its rich in anti-microbial properties and antioxidants.

Set the mood

Relaxation comes in all forms and can be felt especially through our surroundings. As you prepare your face mask for your facial, don’t forget to draw attention to the space you will be lying down and relaxing in. Mood lighting such as candles or soft lamps are a great way to help your body calm down into a sleep like sense whilst room mists such as lavender will fill the air with relaxing scents to help you completely unwind.

Sound Therapy

To give your mind and body the ultimate relaxing experience whilst your products sink into your skin and as you lay there with your eyes closed, try having a soft playlist of sound therapeutic music in the background. Sound therapy including white noises can help your mind transfer to a space of calm and serenity.

Set your skin

After your homemade facial, it is crucial to ensure once you’ve washed off your mask that you apply products to your skin that will lock in moisture and provide long term benefits to your skin. Applying an oil such as RosehipPLUS will help reduce free radical damage to your skin once you leave your home whilst the essential fatty acids in the oil will assist to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated.

About RosehipPLUS

RosehipPLUS is an Australian Certified Organic and natural beauty brand that’s cruelty-free and vegan. 

The range has products to thoroughly cleanse, moisturise and hydrate your skin. Start by cleaning your face with the Daily Cream Cleanser,  add moisture with the Hydrating Day Cream , before bed apply the Nourishing Night Cream and add Rosehip Oil any time of the day or to treat scars, stretch-marks and sun damaged skin, just to name a few.

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