So you’ve got a new kitten, and have realised that your house isn’t exactly kitten friendly, possibly not even safe.

Maybe there’s a few too many cords behind the TV, or a kitten sized gap behind the fridge. Kittens are naturally inquisitive, so it’s up to you to ensure that your home is safe, whilst pre-empting what they might get up to.

Australia’s leading cat litter brand, Breeder’s Choice, produced by FibreCycle, has partnered first with renowned Veterinarian and Founder and CEO of VetChat, Dr. Claire Jenkins. She shares how new kitten owners can easily “kitten proof” their homes to ensure that they are kept safe.

Top tips on how to kitten proof a home

  • Secure all medicines and vitamins safely out of reach and always put them back after you use them
  • Put lids or locks on all rubbish bins (this might sound obvious, but 10pm Vet visits are very common)
  • Be aware of the human foods your kitten shouldn’t access and keep your pantry ultra secure
  • Lock away all cleaning products, chemicals and batteries
  • Keep pesticides and pest control products out of reach (yes, your cat may be very capable of getting behind that fridge!)
  • Hide electrical cords in a box or put them away completely (there’s nothing more fun than a cord they know they shouldn’t be playing with)
  • Remove anything breakable and precious from low tables (or high, if you have a jumper)
  • Keep small ornaments, toys or string off the ground (they could be eaten and cause damage to little tummies)
  • Keep candles up high where they can’t be knocked over (burns from candles are more common than you’d think)
  • Ensure there are no toxic house and outdoor plants, have a zero lilies policy.

There’s nothing worse than a 10pm rush to the Vet for something that could have been prevented. By keeping the above things in mind, you can make sure that your kitten has a happy and safe home, and you don’t need to worry about that very breakable ornament you bought on your last overseas trip being knocked off the shelf.

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