Join in this Halloween for a ghoulish, spooky and ghostly spotlight in search of nocturnal friends at Centennial Park. Dress up as your favourite Halloween character for a ghostly spotlight!

Watch the spectacular fly out of our favourite bats and flying foxes that turn the sky dark and set the mood for a spooky spotlight prowl.

The park is home to a variety of nocturnal critters, from the cute faces of brushtail possums to the statue-like features of the tawny frogmouths and Sydney’s largest colony of grey-headed flying foxes.

Please note: This is an educational activity where you learn about the animals of the park, and witness the transformation of Centennial Park as the sun goes down. It does not include ghosts, only spiders and bats!

When: 27 – 29 Oct 2022
Where: Centennial Park Venue Grand Drive, Centennial Park NSW
Info: Spooky Spotlight – Halloween Fun