New Year, New Me – haven’t we all heard that one before? The truth is that being a healthier person or even living more sustainably in the New Year is actually possible.

Culinary expert, Chloe Skipp from Winning Appliances’ shares her five easy tips that will help you cook like a health king or queen in 2023, and it doesn’t revolve around drinking 1L of celery juice per day.

5 Tips To Creating A Healthier, More Sustainable You In 2023

  1. Get steamy: Say bye to excess oil and retain more of the nutrients, colour and vitamins in your veg, thanks to the introduction of inbuilt steam ovens to the domestic market. What’s more, it’ll help you bring chef-like results to your home every time.
  2. Dehydrate: Now possible with some ovens, dehydrating food can help to reduce food waste and speed up your cooking. It’s also a great way to activate almonds and other nuts to ensure optimum digestion.
  3. Up Your Preservation Prowess: To get the most nutrients out of your food you should eat fresh produce as close to pick date as possible, utilise food preservation fridges to help reduce the breakdown process ensuring you have a longer amount of time to eat your food at its peak.  This allows you to reduce waste, save money and lead a healthier lifestyle.
  4. Think before you throw out: Utilise vegetable scraps and all their inherent nutrients by freezing them in a ziplock bag. At any point, these can be turned into a healthier, salt-reduced homemade vegetable stock, or bones can be added for a mineral dense bone broth. After making nut milk, nut meal can be used in baked goods, adding a boost of nutrients to what may otherwise be a non nutritious snack. It’s all about rethinking what ‘garbage’ is and getting crafty with your scraps for enhanced health & sustainability. 
  5. Hot Air Steam Cooking: Alike steam cooking, hot air steam ovens are basically 3-in-1 appliances that do everything. Using combi-steam ovens means you can inject steam into things like a roast chicken for enhanced moisture but still achieve a decadently crisp skin and exterior. There is no need to pan fry foods in oil, making this a healthier and easier option for you and your loved ones.