Dolly’s Dream is committed to combatting bullying and creating a cultural change in the schoolyard and online and to help spread the message far and wide.

Dolly’s Dream and Smiggle have created the Choose Kindness keyring to raise funds for Dolly’s Dream as part of their support of young people and their families.

Dolly’s Dream Choose Kindness Keyrings will be available to purchase from all Smiggle stores and online from 10 January and Smiggle will launch the Dolly’s Dream Kindness Pledge instore at the same time.

Families around Australia helped Smiggle raise over $50,000 for Dolly’s Dream last year. The Smiggle crew are hoping to top this in 2023 with the support of their dedicated fans and their families.

Proceeds from this year’s Choose Kindness campaign will help Dolly’s Dream support kids, their families and communities. Following a large surge in demand for its services in the past 12 months, Dolly’s Dream is expanding two of its most important programs: its workshops and Support Line.

Dolly’s Dream General Manager, Stephen Bendle, said the Dolly’s Dream Support Line is free for parents, carers, grandparents and children who need help around bullying and associated mental health issues.

“There are wait times of up to 12 months for some country kids to see a counsellor and that is just too long. We offer a free, ongoing counselling service for anyone who needs it which is now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Stephen said.”

Kate Everett, Dolly’s mum and co-founder of Dolly’s Dream said she’s asking Australian children to display their keyrings on their bags as a real reminder to be kind throughout the year.

“The hope is that sharing this message, at this time of year, reminds all children to look after their friends and classmates, to be kind and to speak even if their voice shakes,” Kate said.

“Our partnership with Smiggle is so helpful. With their thousands of fans around the country, Smiggle allow us to talk directly to Australian kids with this really important message.”

Dr Charlotte Keating, psychologist and Advisory Board member for Dolly’s Dream, said the beginning of the school year is ideal for gently opening up the lines of conversation with your children to encourage trust and confidence.

“One in five young Australians report being socially excluded, threatened or abused online. Being able to turn to a parent or trusted adult is an important step in addressing bullying or abuse,” Dr Keating said.

Smiggle and Dolly’s Dream are also inviting all young people to come into store, or jump online, and take the Smiggle Kindness Pledge. The Smiggle Kindness Pledge prompts kids to nominate a person they promise to be kind to this year and describe how they will be kind to them. Once completed, fans will receive a Smiggle Kindness certificate.