We share some great tips to help you make sure your kid’s backpack is right for them…

Guidelines recommend that a packed schoolbag should weigh no more than 10% of a child’s body weight. For a 40–50kg high school student, 10% of their body weight is 4 to 5kg.

A backpack shouldn’t extend past your child’s shoulders when they sit down with it, and it also shouldn’t be wider than their chest.

Ideally the bag needs to be sturdy and reasonably water-resistant (or have a rain cover) and the material should be firm to prevent sagging.

A moulded frame and/or an adjustable hip or waist strap will ensure most of the weight rests on the hips and pelvis, not on the shoulders and spine. The waist/hip belt is particularly important to secure the load when walking, running or cycling.

An added bonus is for it to be machine washable or at least able to be wiped over to remove any spills and dirt etc.

10 Best school bags in 2023

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