A UK grandmother revealed she’s already started her shopping for Christmas 2023, and has even wrapped some of the presents.

British bargain hunter Tina Quarrell revealed on the public Facebook group that she likes to keep on top of her shopping as she has 6 adult children and 16 grandchildren to shop for.

The mother-of-six explained she likes to shop throughout the year and keeps track of who gets what thanks to a notepad, with the hope of being done with her shopping by the end of November.

She explained the need to start shopping so early with birthdays and other special events also coming up in 2023 – “This year my middle daughter gets married that is 3 children married then 3 big Birthdays this year my 3rd eldest grandchild (granddaughter) will be 18 in May my 5th grandchild (another granddaughter) will be 13 in July and my eldest child my daughter will be 40.”

Many in the group commended her for her savvy shopping while others were quite stressed at the thought of even thinking about C.

Have you started shopping for next Christmas yet?