Parents love their children more than anything in the world, but we have to admit they certainly know how to push your buttons.

As a child I think the right to be annoying AF must come in the contract. It also seems to just come naturally to them.

Here are just a few of the things kids do that drive every mum and dad totally crazy!

Things kids do that really bug their parents!

  1. Lose their favourite toy – constantly
  2. Wipe their dirty hands on their clean top
  3. Asking for food, then refusing to eat it
  4. Waking up FAR too early
  5. Whinging for something then ignoring you when you give it to them
  6. Falling asleep at 5pm
  7. Wanting a special cup/plate then tossing it at you
  8. Picking their nose and eating it
  9. Drawing on the furniture
  10. Cutting chunks out of their hair
  11. Needing 50 stories and endless water at bedtime
  12. Telling you a funny story that never ends….
  13. The made up joke you hear 100 times a day
  14. Hitting their baby brother
  15. Ask what’s for dinner then screw their nose up at it
  16. Leave toys around the house everywhere
  17. Scream NO 500 times a day
  18. Lose their drink bottle 1000 times a day
  19. Leave wet towels and dirty clothes on the bathroom floor
  20. Forever lose just ONE shoe
  21. “Watch this trick mum!” on repeat all day
  22. Always interrupting you on the toilet
  23. Lose the TV remote
  24. Learn an annoying instrument
  25. Tell you they need help with homework as they are heading to bed