Raising children raises many questions. None more pertinent than ‘where do we begin when it comes to choosing childcare?’ 

As parents it’s our job to nurture, guide and prepare our children for the world they inhabit. So, it’s no wonder it feels like one of the most consequential decisions when it comes time to entrust them into the care of others. 

How we can help

At Care for Kids, we believe every child has the right to safe, nurturing and high quality childcare. 

We have created the most comprehensive childcare search platform to empower parents in making the best childcare decision for their individual family. 

At Care for Kids, we are parents creating what we believe is the ultimate tool to help other families access, understand and connect with the best childcare options in their local area. We are experts when if comes to the task of choosing childcare.

We are also on a mission to share with other parents, what many of us here, only understood once our children began childcare. Educators are not merely babysitters. They are our children’s first teachers outside of the home. Their dedication and insights, their care and teachings will impact your child’s early development and your families’ experience of early childhood. 

So where do I begin? We hear you asking.

Head to careforkids.com.au and take a look around!

The first step to seeing what’s out there, what fits your budget, location and preferences. It is all at the tip of your finger. Book tours and send your enquiries directly through the site. 

Before you go, here are some tips from some of our team on what to consider as you embark on the journey of choosing childcare.

“Every child and family has a different version of the right childcare option for them, there are different options out there, so consider what is right for you.” – Ash

“After creating a shortlist of services that might meet their family’s needs (using Care for Kids, of course!), I think it’s really important for parents to book tours. Most parents will know after a short wander through a service and a chat with the educators if it is a good fit for themselves and their children.” – Kate

“Go with your gut feeling – that’s usually pretty spot on. Do your research, learn all you can, ask all the questions etc but ultimately once you visit the centre and meet the educators, you’ll know if it’s right for you and your family or not.” – Georga

Ask about the learning philosophy of the service” – James

“Children are so different, even siblings so when choosing childcare,
think about the individual child.”
– Jo

Don’t forget you have the reviews, detailed descriptions, ability to compare and childcare subsidy calculator amongst other tools on careforkids.com.au to help you make the best decision for this very special journey.

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